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Vintage Port Image Database (VPID)

This database of images has been created to assist with identification of old bottles of Vintage Port; In addition it provides a reference for the changing use of text, symbols, images and terms used on old bottles and occasionally assist with answering questions which may arise (such as on ThePortForum or ForTheLoveOfPort ). The gallery contains images of bottles, labels, capsules and any particular detail of interest.

The intention is to include an image of at least one bottle, labels and capsule for as many combinations of house, year and bottler as possible. The image collection is primarily focussed on Vintage Port (VP) including single quintas; Other bottles of interest to the author may also be included from time to time including LBVs, crusted ports, colheitas and single-vintage tawnies.

Most images are of good quality; some lower quality images are also included where they are the only image available to date of a particular shipper/vintage/bottler, and may be pruned if a better quality image is made available. All images remain the copyright of the original copyright holder and are displayed here with their permission and credit. The images have generally been cropped to just the bottle/label and/or to remove any personal aspect from the image, but are otherwise unchanged.

I am always keen to receive further photos (or be invited to take photos) of bottles which would add to this collection, particularly of older bottles and less common shippers and bottlers; The author is equally happy to be invited to drink such bottles! I can be contacted by email at hallarn.com ( pw01@ that domain ) or as "PhilW" on ThePortForum.

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